2 in 1 laptop shenaagains

Every so often i think too much about what i want and how i want to be able to do things when not at my main computer, and for that most of the time ive had some sort of android tablet, and from that i have discovered msfts perfect implementation of touchscreen interface in their android RDP app.

Since then i wound up enjoying the formfactor a 10in rca android 2 in 1 but it was missing somethings, and i killed it by drunkenly stepping on it many years ago.

So, right now, im looking for something roughly 10-12in screen size, with a keyboard, and using something other than a decade old arm based cpu.
i want something that i can mainly operate as a tablet for general media consumption, web browsing, with good access and placement of an onscreen keyboard, for small amounts of typing, and then if i need to really type something out flip out the keyboard and then all of my meat hooks can be used to fling words out of my head.

currently a 7 in android tablet is what i use for mobile stuff, and it drove me to pick up a used 13in lenovo 2in1 falling in love with the concept of a tablet with a fold out keyboard that can be used as a tablet, but sofar i have been wholly unimpressed by actually attempting to use it for anything because it is too big to fit in a cargo pocket, and i have been unable to adequately get it to do what i want.

anyways, im going to try and nail down my exact intent here and try and mine what knowledge is here that might lead me to what i want in a mobile computing

Let me know what you find. I am also going down this route.

Next phone I’m replacing with a kaios phone as I don’t use mine as much as I should and I could do with the battery life.
Also why wouldn’t I want a bigger screen for youtubing and browsing around the house.

HP Chromebook X360, or any other convertible Chrome OS device for big screen stuff.
If you want something small, check out the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. Supports Android apps as well.

Im currently staring at an 11in lenovo 2 in 1, but im kinda thinking that i should get some more things figured out with the 13in one that i have now as sort of a test platform.

Sofar, ive basically been unhappy with pretty much everything ive tried to install on it so far. Its entirely possible that much of that is due to a lot of inexperience i have with linux

Basically every linux distro i have installed on it had problems with the touch screen drivers, and the onscreen keyboard

Part of me starting this was to nail down what i want out of this, and then eventually try and figure out how to get it.

Looking at that lenovo chromebook duet, to me it seems that due to the thinness of the keyboard, would make it rather unstable as a laptop.

So i discovered a stupidly cheap 8in android 2in1, and since its got more ram than my current broken digitizer tablet, ive decided to hop on it, and see how it goes. ill post pics when shows up and see how bad it is, and what i end up modifying on it to try and get it to suit my intentions.