2 Gamers 1 GPU with Hyper V GPU-P (GPU Partitioning finally made possible with HyperV)

Hi, you can find somewhere in the comment section above to where you can find a script to do some trickery to install GeForce experience or drivers. Tho it is bugged beyond use from my understanding unless someone managed to get it running stable.

Getting the gpu to show on the task manager will not work on hyper v (to my knowledge) I know it will work and show up on device manager and such.

To answer the vr gaming. If you are using a quest, wifi vr streaming is the only way to do it. As far as I can tell.

TY for the response. I should have explained more.
I’m trying to get one pc to run 3x hyper-v’s with each having its own set of usb’s locked to it vm’s desktop. Vmwear player allows me to do this.

I tried “USB Network Gate” and the usb mouse passthrough works. but I cant see the pointer/curser. And there teck team has failed to serving me :frowning: FYI they are asking for a ridiculous price for there software.
So I’m stuck to testing more alternatives.

hello, everything used to work well, but I changed the monitor + new drivers came out on the card (gtx 1080) and now instead of the nv_dispi.inf_amd folder I have nv_dispig.inf_amd. That is, the letter “g” has been added, and now when I transfer the nv_dispig.inf_amd folder, my card does not determine (yellow exclamation mark) what should I do and how to defeat it? Tried to install windows new, new hyper-v, nothing helps. I repeat if it were not for this additional letter “g” everything would work, but I don’t understand why I now have a new name for the folder. plx help