2 different voltages for CPU?

Can I set two different (adaptive) voltages manually? One for idle and other for heavier workloads.

I have:

cpu: i7 8700k [email protected]

I would like to have 1.2v when idle.

If you’re setting an adaptive or offset voltage in BIOS your CPU should lower the voltage when it down clocks at idle automatically.

It will only stay if you specified a fixed voltage.

1.2V is way overkill for idle anyway. When down clocked at idle your CPU will need less than 1V. Prob around .8 or .9V

Open up HWInfo or CPU-Z and see what your voltage is at when you’re at idle

I tried some adaptive mode first but it was setting it at 4v when idle. So then I decided to set it manually at 1.2v but it wasn’t stable, then I set it at 1.25v

But the point is I’m not sure if you’re referring to that same adaptive mode?

So in the UEFI under CPU Core/Cache Voltage you changed it from Auto to Adaptive? Then to manual? and what did you put in when it was on adaptive? Did you type a number in?

Also what are you trying to do? Are you trying to overclock all your cores to 4.7Ghz or?
Have you ever overclocked before?

This is my first time overclocking. I OC’d my 8700k to 4.7GHz about a month ago and I got it stable at 1.25v but now I started thinking that it would be nice if it was at lower voltage while idle. I can’t remember if it was auto or adaptive (I didn’t input any numbers to voltage then) that I first tried but it was setting it automatically to about 4v while idle, according to CPU-Z.

I have a feeling its adaptive mode I’m looking for, if I can set the voltages manually there? Auto voltage is just bs if it puts it at 4v.

Auto voltage is worthless and dangerous. It shouldn’t be used if you’re overclocking. You should prob look up an overclocking guide. There are plenty out there.

I’d suggest offset mode. Its what I use as adaptive can be wonky in my experience. Basically you set it to + or - (depending if you’re over volting or undervolting). You’d set it at + then specify an offset number. For example 0.020V. That is added to the base voltage to get your final voltage.

This will allow the CPU to downvolt when it isn’t under full load and run cooler and use less power.

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That sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!