2 computers same room using skype, eliminating the echo from other pc mic

Hey all,


    I was wondering if there is a way that when you have 2 computers in the same room, speaking on the same skype call to eliminate the effect of hearing the echo from the other users mic... I have tried running the other system into my receiver, but that just caused a lot of buzzing for everyone on the call.  I was wondering if there is a piece of hardware that can isolate the problem.  I can run the other system into my receiver but that just means I have to change the source from my pc to the other pc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated... I wish skype had the ability to just isolate certain callers and turn off audio individually for others...


Thanks again

Not sure if you are using headphones but try that or is it interference from the other mic? Like if the get too close they start making weird high pitch noises?

Turn down your mic volume.

Get a bi- or omni-directional mic and place it between you and the other person.  Mute the mic from the second machine.  

Are you using headset mics or the webcam mics?  In my experience, the webcam mics pic up a LOT more room noise and echo.  Both using headset mics could help, and you might increase the distance between the users or as Phantom suggest, turn down the mic volume.  Just keep in mind that turning down the mic volume might make it more difficult for others to hear you, so you might have to play with it a bit to find the right balance.

Wow, thanks so much guys, that rocks...I will try all those things and let you know how it works... thanks for getting back to me so soon.  

This is the solution you all your problems, get one of these and you will be set.