2 big video game youtubers' houses broken into, computers targeted (one hacked), nothing else stolen

so, uh, I guess this is kinda interesting.

Been subscribed to Drift0r for a long time, don't care much about call of duty these days but he makes good stuff, and today this popped into my sub box

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his house was broken into and nothing was stolen but his computer was "hacked" into. someone seemed to find a well hidden flash drive and disabled his secure boot, stole a bunch of personal information, and messed with his rig and said flash storage enough to where he had to reformat and such.

Someone also apparently tried to break into Tmartn's house at the same time (Drif0r lives in texas, Tmartn in Florida) but his security system went off and the guy ran.

This is kinda interesting. There seem to be some competent people out there who are organized, targeting high profile youtubers, trying to get into their personal and business details.

IMHO, I dont mind tmartn having a bit more shit to deal with since everyone seemed to forget about that CS:GO shit but Drif0r (Brad) seems like a decent guy, and now he's gotta deal with the law to get his shit safe.


I feel bad for the guy and I guess the morale of this story is to encrypt all your personal and important files because from what I can gather none of his stuff was encrypted, he even went to the trouble of hiding a USB stick in his house so it was "offline" and even that wasn't encrypted.


I think the moral of this story is to stay the hell off of Youtube.

Encrypt your stuff and remember your BIOS passcode.

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