2 660ti's or 2 7870's

I've had a 7870 for a while and I was thinking of getting a new one, but there's this nvidia promotion at my local retailer wit 2 ASUS GTX 660ti's for 265 euros. Should I get another 7870(wich is around the same price ) or do I go with the nvidia card and sell my current 7870? The promotion is over on Thursday, the 21st of March.

wait WHAT 265...which is...(google money converter) $345 in the states...$172 each.

Sounds very promising...I'd do it.

Dollars aren't usually converted into euros. So in the US a 660ti costs 290$, in Europe you still have to pay 290 euros for a 660ti. The prices are 1:1. So in this promotion I pay less tham I usually would for a single 660ti, but I get 2 cards.

i reallly dont like the 660ti, but at that price even i would jump on it

y u no like 660ti


Thats my reasoning. And in CF, the 7870s only get better.

ya the 7870 stomps the 660 ti i have afriend who argues with me that his 650 beats my 7870 hahahahaha

Well for that money 2x 660ti's is a steal, and if it doesnt work, you can always sell it and return you money (or even earn), i personaly am not a fan of dual gpu's set ups (and Nvidias sli gain is around 30-50% so that a no go, amd is a bit better there) but you wont loose anything (big time) here.

What cpu and psu do you have btw?

i call bullshit, go look at some benchmarks and say that, you honestly can not wack a general percentage on sli or crossfire scalling for that matter, it all come's down to optimization in game's from the drivers, they either they scale like they're suppose to which is the equivelent of 2 cards actting as one or they just gain small performance bump, because of optmization. in benchmark after benchmark in games across the sepectrum this has been shown time and time again, 30-50% performance boost across the board is pure BS

to be honest those benches you have shown, actaully shows that the ti is actaually a better performer than than the 7870 in games overall by a clear margin. even though the the ti won in metro and the 7870 won crysis and warhead, which is a pure mindfuck,as the crysis games were heavily nvidia gpu optimized and metro was heavily amd gpu optimized, as for the synthetics well i dont think they matter, but both cards beat each other hands down in 2 bench's each. but the the ti isnt meant to compete with the the 7870, so im not suprised it's a better over all card.

BUT this does not change the fact i dislike it.... alot, it's suppose to compete with the tahiti le and apprently in some way the 7950 because of it's usual price point and it fail's at this immensely. it cant keep up with the 7950 and it can only go neck and with the tahiti le in a handful of cases, which is just terrible. the ti is a trimmed down 670 and the tahiti le is a trimmed down 7950, so you would think that at face value they are strong competitors but no, the tahiti le makes the ti look like a joke. pretty much every othe nvidia card has a place but the the 660ti, but at the price your purchase would be justified.


Sell it all and go for ONE really good card, such as a 680, 670, or 7970/7950.

lol that's not a bad idea

Do what Toast said. If not, keep your 7870 and crossfire THAT. What's the point buying 2 new cards and having one for nothing when you could buy one lol. 

Ok, new deals just popped up, the 680 is half off at 250 euros so I'm getting  that. I called my friend and he's whilling to buy my 7870 for 180 euros. That's what I'm gonna do.