2.4 Ghz wifi Saturation Epidemic to happen?

Dear Logan and Wendell,


I work at a cable company as a tech support rep.  One of the biggest issues I run into with internet tech support calls end up not being related to the service I'm supporting but due to all the WiFi crammed into a confined space.  I routinely talk to people that cant use their wifi routers because there is just no open airspace in the 1-11 channel range.  If someone lives in an apartment complex or a housing tract with smaller homes I can almost guarantee there will be 10-15 networks within range.  This of course creates a situation where you cant get a clear enough channel to use a router in your home.  Technologies such as wireless-N and Dual Band capable routers had helped somewhat, but the masses are on a cheap 2.4ghz only router they got from the local Big-Box store.  Would you consider doing an episode of the tek with a dedicated segment to GOOD WiFi hardware and practices? 

Sorry for the long winded post.




aka Jerry