$2,000 Video Editing PC


-only one graphics card

-at least a $700 GPU

-has to be an i7 Processor

-Please use pcpartpicker.com to show the suggested build.

-32GB of RAM

-750W PSU

-Full tower

-ATX motherboard

Any questions? Comment down below :)


so it's about $200 over, I'm not sure the need for a $700+ GPU, it seems like a 780 is about right for a $2000 budget for editing. Had no idea about the CPU cooler or case, but figured that was about what you would want to be paying for them. To save the $200 you could go with a 3820, 2 less cores than the 3930k though, so I guess it depends what you want out of your CPU. You could also consider downgrading the motherboard, or going with a 4770k and a high end motherboard.

You just reminded me of two more things, look at the description again please.

Silly boys; men are playing here. Consumer GPU in a video editing rig? Make way for Firepros.


3930k, 6 cores, andplenty of PCIe lanes. Swap it out for a 4930k when you're buying the parts, as it is the updated version of the CPU, that has not yet been added to the US consumer market, if I am correct, which I'm probably not.

32GB of memory. Decent frequency to CL, but mostly, I put it in there because it is 32GB for$150 fucking dollars. I mean, that's insane! Quantity over quality, just this one time.

Requiring a certain price for a GPU is odd, but I did my best. Firepro V7900, rapes the Quadro counterparts, that cost up to 2 or 3 times as much, is low-profile, and amazing all around. As long as you aren't doing real-time rendering, it will be a fantastic choice.

256GB SSD for your editing software, OS, or, could even use a partition as a page file if 32GB isn't enough RAM.

2TB high workload-capable HDD, meant for lots of writes. Great unit, I have one in my personal workstation, and love it.

If you hadn't noticed already, I went for mATX instead of full ATX. Mostly, because that the only forseeable addition to this rig would be a new GPU entirely (editing programs don't usually support SLI or CF, which the professional cards rarely do anyway), or a RAID card, which would make a total of two PCIe 16x slots being used, so go for a small powerhouse. Not only is the RIVG an amazing motherboard for overclocking, it is rock solid stable at really any OC, and looks great while doing so. Match it with a Silverstone TJ08B-E, and you have an incredible combo for size and performance.

Lastly, PSU. The Rosevill Capstone is an amazing unit, especially for the price, which to be frank, is astounding. 450W of low ripple, high efficiency power, plenty for your CPU, GPU, and as many possible HDDs as you could want. Great unit :)

Oh, and your addition about the 750W PSU is completely pointless, unless you plan on running three graphics cards (yes, 3).


listen to this. Is there any particular reason you want 750W when 450W would be sufficient?

You didn't fill my requirements.

Well thats what my boss wants.

Tell your boss he's an ignorant cunt.

At least I don't need permission to open my PC.

Those requirements are pointless for a work PC, and will actually waste you money and space.

We are just looking for overkill here, hence the $2000

What company requires you to buy at least a $700 GPU, requires Intel, requires a full tower case, and requires a 750W PSU? I'm not calling you on anything, but I doubt this "company" exists.

Regardless, just switch that mobo out for a Gigabyte X79 UP4, the case out for a Fractal Design XL R2, and the PSU out for a Rosewill Capstone 750.

People this ignorant should not have $2000 to spend on a computer, it's like those kids at school who can't even play 2 chords in a row, but their parents buy them super expensive guitars.

What the fuck company do you work for?