$2,000 Gaming Build Need help!

I need help picking parts for a $2,000 gaming. I would prefer to order the parts from newegg and/or amazon. I will be needing a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I am definitly going to overclock. If water cooling seems reasonable for that price point then I guess Ill go that way. I will probably be mining. I will be gaming at 1080. I will be playing games that are harder to run like Crysis 3 and BF4. I play LoL also but that should be hard to run. I would prefer a either a Cherry MX Brown or Red keyboard. I also would prefer a keyboard with backlit keys. For the mouse I would prefer something that doesn't have 2 buttons on the side but not something with like 8-10. If there aren't any mice that are inbetween I could do fine with somethinng that has just 2. I would prefer a 24" monitor with a low respond time and high refersh rate. Sorry that this post is written weird as I just went down the list and answer every question on the General Guidlines Sticky post.


you could make a audio production PC on an i3 and it would be enough...

2000 is way overkill for audio and you wouldn't need to overclock

I'll get to work anyway is the loop apart of the budget because that's where my expertise lack

Ignore a custom loop unless your really into overclocking and you completely understand PC Hardware, if you dont the best option for you is a closed loop CPU cooler.

Custom Loops are the domain of seasoned builders and even then they still mess up sometimes.


Custom loops aren't for seasoned builders; if you can assemble a PC, which is like Legos already, you can assemble a loop.

Im refering to the point of having to strip GPU's etc for the waterblocks to go on etc, and when i say seasoned i mean people who have been doing builds for a while and want to properly overclock hardware / build something new.

Agreed, as a gamer or music producer, Krypt will have no need to overclock so much that a custom loop would be needed to cool the GPU and CPU.

It will be mostly used for gaming. By audio production I just mean't I would prefer an internal/external audio card with good mids and highs, not just lows.

V total overkill

don't expect to get more than 4.2Ghz out of the Heatsink, nor do you need it, stock or 4~4.2Ghz should be fine, I'm sure somebody can suggest a good mech. keyboard under a hundred

use promo codes, they are on the MoBo and monitor


Just over budget by $96, includes mouse, keyboard & monitor.

look at the IOPS the SSD its slower, and the 780 is faster, yes it does cost more, but you put too much money in unessisary areas, they don't need a sabertooth and a phanteks heatsink is comparative in performance but way cheapercheaper