1v1 card duel game for Devember2020

Since I “made” so many games so far, I decided to start a new one. (self deprecation)…
Now the idea I have is literally 1v1 card game. As for the devember the idea is to battle against AI, cause I have never ever dealt with networking and multiplayer and what not…
So the plan is simple.

  1. Make a play area for each player
  2. Make attack cards, item cards, etc etc…
  3. Make some AI so to test the card synergies and stuff
  4. Add more cards and maybe even more types of cards, like resource cards for mana or whatever, spell cards, trap cards, etc etc… But first just attack and item cards…

So yeah. 2D, placeholder graphics, cause that’s me… Me and art is like me and sex or me and money…

Mkay, see you in a few days with first update…

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Game design with @psycho_666

Step 1: think of an interesting setting
So I posted a poll asking about the style of the game. The poll was literally divided between Sci-Fi, Medieval and Steampunk settings. So I chose to cover 2 out of 3 basis and make the game a steampunk medieval setting.

Step 2: think of an interesting game mechanics
So the game will have a resource mechanic similar to hearthstone. Being Steampunk the main resource would be … well … steam…
Another resource can be metal, for creating weapons and shields and stuff.

Step 3: think of basic gameplay loop
The basic loop will literally be playing cards. You have basic attacks, that cost no steam, you have attacks, like a steam weapon that needs steam to function, like a bow bot that fires arrows every turn but consumes steam, equipment cards, like armies and shields and better weapons, that need metal to be constructed.
You can also have passive cards like a metal mine that produces metal automatically every couple turns or a boiler, that when activated adds extra steam if you run out of it…

And here we come into advanced lessons
Step 4: layer the game mechanics, creating interesting interactions between different elements of the game.
You can specialise in steam or metalworking, but you can combine both as well.
Steam powered bow bots need steam to work and metal to be constructed and make ammo for. When you run out of steam a boiler may be just what you need to fire your steam cannon and deal the final damage to the enemy. Some weapons will need activation so you choose when to use them if constructed. Ammo buildings can be upgraded to make better ammo and boosting already powerful weapon, scrap cards can be used to repair damaged weapons, basically resetting their timers and so on and so forth.

The first thing I will do is making the basic attack and damage mechanics.
Next I will make the resource mechanic. So using a card will drain resources.
Then I will make the automatic weapons mechanic - cards that deal damage every turn or every couple turns or something.

Those 3 should be easy enough to make so o can release a demo in a few days. I will spend the Sunday coding so that should not take very long.

Be back in Monday with the next update with some actual work done.


So a gameplay question to everyone who reads this…
Here are my ideas:

  1. To balance things, I would make a bunch of cards and in the beginning of each game you will have a deck building round. You will be presented 3 random cards and you will pick one to add in your deck. Then you will be presented another 3 random cards and pick one to add in your deck. This will repeat until you fill your deck.
    The idea is to be able to tune your build to some degree. Something like what Hearthstone did in one of their modes.
  2. I’m thinking about making each of those 3 cards a different type. One active, one passive and one basic card, so you can fine-tune towards your preferred playstyle.
  3. To help a struggling player bounce back, the battles will be multistage. When reaching 50% health an event will trigger where you can add extra cards to your deck (same process as in point 1) so to be able to improve your build. Same thing will happen with the enemy though.

What do you think of those ideas?


I tried a couple things that didn’t work properly.
A faulty internal design is what’s stopping me from having something workable.
I want to make each card having a code, like 12345 and each number to have a meaning so I can work out the cards just by their code. But whatever I did so far is messing with me.
I will keep working on it and hopefully in a few days I will actually have a decent results.

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