1st Time Builder (Need Help)!

Hello peoples of Tek Syndicate,

I am a first time builder and I need help picking out the parts for my build, I will be doing primarily gaming and I have a budget of around 500$. I need not an OS or peripherals. I am also starting from scratch as my family would not appreciate it if I was removing parts from the family computer :( . I was thinking something along the lines of this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1balM . Although is says is is 621$, where I am getting it (NCIX.ca) is is around 500$.

Thanks in advance, Aeouq

I don't understand what the problem is the estimated price is higher than the actual? that's not a problem with me.

Discounts, mail-in rebates, combos, and such.

I just wanted to know opinions and if this was all compatabile and such.


well your build  is all compatible, but i would personaly trow in a 500W psu, just to make sure you safe.

and i would change the ram to G-skill ares 2x4GB 1866mhz ram, its arround the same price as those corsairs. but thease are faster and low profile.if you gonne use a aftermarket cpu cooler.

But the budget is realy tight. what are his expectations about this setup?

430W is plenty, even for overclocking that 7850. Would I ovecclock on that CX? Hell no, but the wattage is enough.

yeah you probably right that 430W is plenty, but  most  manufacterers recommend a 500W psu for a 7850 :) thats why i personaly would trow in a 500W

But indeed  you could have enough with 430W because the card will not suck 300W on full load.