1st PC one more noob

I'm interested in using these parts but I have no idea how these Legos fit together. I'd like to stay around a grand with buying Windows 7 in the mix.

-AMD fx-8350 

-HD 7870 or 660TI

I'm gamer and am open to any suggestions.  I really want the best product at the best price for my HARD earned dollar.

Thanks for any help!!

whats your budget first

"around a grand"



here u go a nice $950 build pretty good if u ask me :)

Should It get a liquid cooler?

Thanks very much!!!




I am going to say this is the way to go 

That looks really good to me. 8320 is just as overclockable as the 8350 with money saved and the 7950 fit into the budget as well. I would opt for getting a 990FX chipset board though.



THANKS!  You guys are great!

How about mine? About $15 over budget, but well worth it. I was able to put the H100 into play on this rig. Happy Overclocking!

Edit: Forgot the link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zXgp



Thanks!  A great suggestion!

Should I have Fry's build it for me or should I do it myself(FYI I'm far from a idoit)?

build it your self. More fun+bragging rights