1st pc build

I am wanting to build a gaming pc in the future. But, as of now,  I am wanting to build a cheap starter pc that will be for web surfing. I am thinking of using some old parts from an 2001 dell dimenion 4300 desktop. I have a compact disc cd-r/rw,  a compact disc dvd rom, and a seagate 40Gb barracuda ata IV I can use. Or should I do all new parts? Thinking a budget of $200.

You may want to check if the parts you have are IDE or SATA.  A computer that old may be using the IDE interface, and may be irrelavent in today's world.

Cheapest I could do: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2oVWq

I agree with TechNoob, I had a look and couldn't see any possible improvements to that suggested system at that price point.