1st PC build - Gaming - £900 budget

Okay, so I have fuck all knowledge in building a PC. I won't waste any time, so here goes.

I live in the UK, I have a £900 budget for the following:

- A Gaming PC (Idealy to run new releases at 1080p at least 60fps with mods)

- A 1080p monitor

- Some peripherals (mouse + keyboard[mechanical if possible] if there's some money left over [NOT ESSENTIAL])

I have no idea about overclocking, but I remember reading that the cost of getting a decent cooling system for overclocking may not be worth it if you can just spend that money on a better processor. But feel free to suggest.

I don't know what is up about water cooling.

I don't need an OS.

also, don't worry about including shipping and handling in the price.

Any other questions, please ask away.

Thank you for any help.


P.S. I don't wanna be a complete ass and just ask you to do it for me, but even a starting point would be amazing.

Not sure of your mouse grip and keyboard preferences.  Pick your own.  I did put a Quickfire TK with blues as it's a pretty decent keyboard.