1st build...oh the pain

hi guys im building my 1st gaming pc and need help. I have everything in the case apart from the gpu (waiting on the 780ti acx to be released in uk) anywho when I turn on the pc for the 1st time I get a cpu fan error. I double checked the cables and they're all in and the fans are spinning? the cpu also has a splitter kinda thing? so I even disconnected one and plugged it into the optional fan header on the board and still get the message? please help Its my 1st build and already I feel the headaches. I really dont wanna go back to consoles:( Specs: Asus Hero/ i7 4770k/ dark rock pro 2. any help would be greatly appreciated.  Many Thanks:D








first things first, you need to make sure there is a fan attached to the main cpu fan connector on the mobo, check your manual to see which one. If there is no fan on the correct header then the motherboard won't let you boot as it thinks its gonna cook.

thanks for the mega quick reply. yeah its all labled on the  board its self and the fans are both spinning. yet I still get the error message.  im totally lost

okay, sometimes mobos can't detect/don't like fans running at low rpm out of the box. in the bios try setting the min fan rpm/rpm warning level lower than the default. something like 200-300 and see if that helps.

thank you so much!! worked fine and  now we shall have bannofie pie! ! just one last question. on idel I get about 39c. is this. normal?

damn I fucking love banoffee pie. Can't say I have used that cooler before so I couldn't say, it does also depend heavily on your ambient room temperature. If you feel that it should be better than that for that cooler ect then you can always try cleaning off and reapplying the thermal paste, there is a tek video on how. anyway, nothing wrong with 39c idle, just keep your keep your eye on the load temp, best to keep that below 80

yeah its my favorite:D now the waiting game for the gpu. I was actually thinking though. is the 780 ti that much more better than the 780? theres like a £190 ish difference.  I just want something that will last me.

oh on the bios the temp is actually now 26C but it does jump to 28-29 then back down to 26. is this normal?

That's a really good temp, temperatures fluctuate quite a bit, so that's normal.

I can haz banoffee?

awsome so far so good then for my 1st build. I was shit scared over the fan thing. its the only hiccup ive had. the poor thing looks so lonesome without a gpu though:(