1st Build need help please

Hi, have come up with this build for gaming and everyday use but i want it to last for quite a while. Can someone check that it looks ok, even suggest other parts if you think they are worth getting instead. Should order the parts tomorrow if everything looks good. Thanks


Looks like a fairly decent build to me. 

seems ok, depends what your doing though... so what do you plan to do with your pc? like games, rendering, edditing that sort of thing

eh just trying to get into pc gaming and maybe start video editing for maybe youtube will this rig work that kinda stuff? anything you guys would change. Also the ASUS P8Z77 comes with some Wifi thing, will that be good enough or should i buy a wifi card?



it's a tenner more but, you have the fatest air cooler on the market, you will be able to oc the balls off that I5 now

i downgraded the case but fear not all will fit in it quit comftably

and i crammed in a 660ti.

on the wifi thing it should be fine, but i would use the ethernet port if you can anyway, much better latency

EDIT: also i changed out the hardrive to a segate for 2 reasons: 1 I hate WD with a passion 2 to keep costs down and segate are a reliable brand the most reliable in my personal opinion

cheers like the look of that, what SSD would you reccommend as the Kingston Hyper x has went from £70 to over £100 so not really liking that now?

Loooks good, but I would recommend you get a 670 instead of your 660TI. 

admitidly i agree with overlander35, the only reason i chose the 660ti is to keep too that £1050 as closely as possible, in an ideal world 670 all the way.

as for ssd kington is good, but let me see..


mushkin are good too, and cheaper.

Cheers looks a good ssd, dnt think i could stretch the budget for a 670, 660 ti or 7850 someone mentioned it the other day. It might have been a 7870 cant quite remember though 

well are you going to be using the adobe suite and do you care for physx in certain games? cause if not may aswell get an amd card. also your saying you cant even afford the 660ti even though the ssd iv suggested has now brought the price below £1050? i can uderstand why you might not be able to budget a 670 though