1ST Build Log: Mini ITX Gaming PC

I am currently saving money for a small from factor gaming pc, and will have the money around the end of december, so here is the parts list, btw these are from Newegg.

Price:1800$ (With OS)

Case: Coolermaster Elite 120

Motherboard: Maximus Impact

CPU: i5-4670K

GPU-Gigabyte 7990

Power Supply: OSZ 750W Fully-Modular 

RAM:G. SKILL 2x 4GB Sticks

CPU Cooler:H80i-(i will be modding this case to fit it)

Storage: 1TB Seagate SSHD

OS: Windows 8.1

i will also have 2 80mm side fans to exhaust the hot air.

Please leave any suggestions or things you think might be better within a $1900 dollar range, thx

My choice:



The Node 304 goes on sale pretty often for around 55-60 bucks.  Snatch one up when it reaches that price.