1st Build, $700. Thoughts?

Would like to get some people's thoughts on my build. $700 Budget

(Processor)Intel i3-3225

(HDD)Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM

(RAM)2X4GB sticks of Kingston HyperX Black at 1600MHz

(PSU)Corsair Builder Series 600W 

(Case w/ fans)Fractal Design Arc Midi w/ 2x (extra) Cougar Vortex Hyper-Spin 140mm fans

(Optical Drive)N/A (Yet)

(MoBo)N/A (yet)

(Graphics Card)Zotac GeForce GTX 660 2GB 192-Bit

good so far, but if you're planning on doing gaming the i5 is rather ideal. that seagate may give you problems later as well



I kinda rushed to some parts. From the reviews on my drive, it seemed to have a much lower failure rate than the 2TB version that was 5 dollars more and had oh so many failure reviews. Probably should've gone with a WD >.<

the seagate failure problems are not present in the 7200.14 drives

also a FX-6300 or i5-3570K is a much better choice than an i3

and a 7870 will outperform the 660 and 660Ti by a wide margin

this by a million cats

I know about the i5 being better, but the 7870 beating a 660? Really?



Take a look at this build i made for $700. It supports various upgrades in the future such as SLI, more ram, lots of SATA. However, gaming wise regarding mobo and cpu, this is all you'll need for a very long time. I didnt add the case because the rig without it ended up costing $700 (i really tried to keep under it but i rather spend some extra bucks and have a very upgrade flexible rig). So, if you like it and have some money laying around, get any case u'd like. Ohh! Almost forget about drive... get the cheapest you can find...really, ull be fine. In the future, add an extra stick of ram and SLI that 660 :D Cheers!


yes, especially with the new drivers and if you overclock it

also you should consider a FX-6300 over an i3, at the same price its a much better CPU with only a 1-3% difference in singlethreaded and a 35-55% advantage in multithreaded over the i3

and if you overclock it, it will even outperform the i3 at singlethreaded programs

thats not a bad build, but a 660 is a poor choice for the price, and SLI is pretty gimmicky and its better to go with a single powerful card than 2 medium cards SLI'd or Crossfired

My reasoning for going with the i3 now is the upgrading factor. I would rather have an i3 for a year and get the i5 later than go with the AMD. As for the graphics card, I am surprised by that, but I wont go through the hassle of getting a refund and all that. 

the next 2 AMD cpu generations are also goint to be backwards compatible with AM3+, so you can always go for the succesor of piledriver in 2014

True @Phosgene, however, we need to keep in mind budget here. The 7870 is about $60 more expensive than the 660. If Reduxx has this money then no question, go with the 7870 but, if he doesn't he could go with the 660 and eventually get another one and SLI it ( by this time the 660 will be really cheap). I've being doing this for a while. Bought a HD 5870 in 2010, games started to ask more than it could take around 2011, poped in another 5870 in crossfire and it handle until now. Now i sold it and got a GTX 670. Whenever i need more power in the future, i'll add another 670. Later on when a 670 SLI canot take it, ill sell and get the best single card solution and so on. Thats my suggestion :D

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v2or  amd build

and the 660 is about the same as the 7870

This was about what I was planning on doing. I got my 660 for only $215 from newegg, and I am kinda short on the money end anyway. And, card in that forum that @Phosgene posted has been discontinued from newegg.


same price, and since the 12.11 drivers, there is ab 11-23% performance improvement over the 660 and 5-7% over the 660Ti


I was able to fit in a 7870! This rig will be able to handle any game you throw at it. Although, whenever you have some extra cash, I'd suggest you add in a cheap CPU cooler, like a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and give your CPU a proper overclock.

$15 more +$8 shipping for that card. WITH mail in rebate it is slightly more expensive. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-660-geforce-gtx-650-benchmark,3297-7.html

That shows both the 660 and the 660 Ti being better. Not sure about the whole driver thing though


that toms hardware benchmark was using the old drivers which had worse performance, not to mention toms hardware is notorious for intel and nvidia bias and should not be used for benchmarks or reviews

I've already bought all the parts listed above lol. Like I said, I rushed in buying everything, but I do believe my plan is good. Stick with the i3 for a year and get the 3570k for birthday next year, then get another 660 and run SLI or get an equal priced better single card solution.

There is only a few frames difference from whatever driver update of nvidia that was to the updated AMD, and I am sure that wouldn't kill me lol.