1k-ish Gaming build. Can't completely decide on anything

I know it seems like alot of money going to flashy stuff. But I really care about the whole blue scheme and LED for this thing, I wanna do it right ya know. For the keyboard, I just wanted a blue backlit cherry red board, and it was either this or the corsair C90 which I think is just too damn ugly looking. 

The headset I can get on newegg for 129.99 but it's not in stock right now so I gotta wait, this build will be done around new years though. 

I kinda wanna move up to a 7950 GPU, but I dunno if the FX6300 would be a sort of bottleneck to it, and I don't think I really need an i5 because besides gaming I don't do anything besides upload and render videos, which is better with more cores, so AMD just seems to make more sense to me here. 

I have 8G of G.Skill Ripjaws X RAM I'll be using. 

So I'm just looking for any other suggestions in the mean time.

The only other backlit cherry red keyboards other than the Corsair K60/K90 are probably the Ducky Shine II 104 or tenkeyless.

The corsair keyboards aren't even full mechanical and still cost over $100 which is ridiculous so don't bother with them.

Why not go with the FX-8350 or FX-8320 if you're encoding?

If you can utilize CUDA for video encoding, maybe a Geforce GTX 660Ti or 670?

The only video related things I'd be doing is putting audio over a gameplay and uploading it to youtube. Really not a big enough deal to switch to Nvidia when I'd rather just use an AMD Card with the new drivers and whatnot.Later on I'm sure I'll get into a little more advanced editting but not really. Do you really think an 8 Core could increase speeds that much as far as uploading and rendering? I don't really need it, but I mean faster is always nice to have. Oh, and for keyboards I went with the Gigabyte one.


Yes the extra cores are a big help for rendering but if you dont carre then it's moot.

It seems the fx-6300 is ~30% slower than an i5 but the 8350 is ~10% faster than an i5 at x264 encoding.  Won't help at all for uploading, that's all determined by your ISP.

The Gigabyte Osmium looks really good!

So, you think it'd be worth moving to an i5 for this thing, or?

And yeah I really like the look of the board.

And do you think the 6300 would be any bottleneck to a 7950?



FX6300 would not bottleneck a 7950 at all, and at it's current price range it is a great deal. Even though a FX6300 is equal to a i3 in gaming, you can OC it and the 6 cores will pull ahead in rendering(when using lets say Windows movie maker). The unlocked i5 is closer to the 8350 in price, so we will not open that bag of worms.

For gaming and rendering, on the cheap, the FX6300 will do the job well.

I plan on gaming during the day and just uploading/rendering a video while I'm sleeping.

I switched things up a bit. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/tceF

I really want this thing to run really cool so I think 4GHz seems like a good clock. 

What program are you using for making your videos? Depending on the program a GTX 670 may be more helpful for video editing(CUDA cores bit). The GTX670 is rougly the same price right now, you wouldn't lose any gaming performance and if you are using serious video editing software you might benefit from the GTX vs the 7950.

4ghz with the 212 Evo definitely possible by all means, your system is definitely capable of maxing out almost any game at 1080 for sure.

Junky software don't worry about that really. I'm really set on an AMD card for this build, I looked and found nothing as far as 670's in the 290$ish area which doesn't bother me because the only thing I'll be doing is making an intro and just putting sound onto a video. Maybe later on it'll be something more advanced but when the time comes I'll worry about it. 

As far as the last bit, thanks for reassuring me on the overclocking part. I really just wanna be able to max anything right now within reason like Skyrim, BF3, Day-Z, etc. 

Cut some price off btw.




If you're going to sleep for rendering, anything modern-ish will probably finish rendering a lot faster than when you wake up.  Render speed is rather moot at that point.  6300 is a solid choice then.  Overclocks well, cheap, etc.