1gb Internet - Need help with setup :)

Hi everyone

So just had 1gb internet installed here in the uk, well its 1200mb to be exact

Now the issue i have is the ISP in there devine wisdom has provided a router/modem with only 4x 1gb ports

Now i realised this will cap the connection to around 950mb which it did, now the routers firmware is awful (virgin media) so i intended to turn the router into modem only mode, but guess what it only allows one wan port.

So my issue is, i connected my asus router using dual wan to my isp router, it did pull the full 1200mb speed that way, but when i try and connect to my nas, plex or teamspeak servers i cant, as the isp router is now blocking those ports.

Is there any way to forward the ports on both routers ? I have thought about putting the asus router on a dmz within the isp router, but with dual wan i cant do that.

If anyone has a suggestion to help my setup please let me know.

My hardware available is the asus gt ax 11000, 1x 48 port gb switch, 1x super hub 4 (isp router), 1x nighthawk 10gb switch

Any help is appreciated, as my next step is to put the isp router in modem mode, allow my ports to forward and deal with the drop from 1200 to 950

Honest most of your problem is probably that double wan feature on asus router


@flamemc I wouldn’t bother trying to put your Internet Service Providers Router into modem mode, the chance is your Internet Service provider won’t let you do its job in the mode. What I would do instead is set up a double NAT scenario, meaning having the Internet Service Provider forward all its traffic to the ASUS AT AX 1100, traffic from ASUS AX 1100 forward to a switch, and plug your devices into the switch, as to how to do this I can’t help you any further because I don’t have the equipment or the manuals. The only thing I can suggest is to read your manuals.

I’ve always found better performance using my own router and using modem mode. Modem should go directly to the router/firewall, then into the switch is how I run my best performance. Taking the routing load off of the modem generally leads to perf increases in my experience as the consumer modems are horrible.

EDIT: Just realized that you’d lose speed. Could double nat and use DMZ mode to forward all of the ports?

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@kdb424 I agree with you, you do get better performance using a router provided by you instead of using an Internet Service Providers router. Unforchantly most Internet Service providers set up there network to use only equipment they provide, and if they let you pick your equipment they only let you use it the way they want. At least the aforementioned statement has been my experience. For example, Where I live in the United States the Internet Service Provider won’t let you run their included equipment in modem mode or equipment, not on their preferred equipment list in Modem mode. So the only thing to do is what I suggested to @flamemc.

I created a set of video’s for just this situation, for my own family, so I don’t have to always do it for them and fix it. It’s pretty complete. Let me know if you have questions. I’m happy to help: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK5UbXq39iVlrZN3LuXkgp0rQHfv-VVVY

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