1and1 hosting noob need some help (this can be removed)

Hey guys,

I have asked a lot of questions today sorry. Just payed $12 for a host and a domain for a year, for a school project. First time I have had a website actually up on the internet. Now I am stuck, I have been using XAMPP to do PHP and MySQL and I have no idea if i can set that up on 1&1. I payed for web hosting (https://www.1and1.com/web-hosting?__lf=Static). it is nothing like what i am use to. The project requires me to do social media integration, a email list, and a blog of some sorts. I also need to do all the HTML and coding from scratch (except social media). Wanted to know if anyone has any experience with 1&1 and how to get my php and sql working together.

Did you get a linux server?

nah I screwed up, i got a normal web host and it was very different that what i expected, so I refunded the cost, of $50(upgrades last min to muit website). Going back to just hosting my own on a DMZ off my router and let if fend for it's self. Teach me to manage servers and learn to set them up think it will be a better learning experience than just a normal host.

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