1989 Original Game Boy

Found it in a box tonight. And what'd even crazier is that I've been in the military for 16 years and this thing has moved all over the world with me and never once did I even see it. Too bad the buttons don't work anymore


Bummer that the buttons don't work.

Still, a relic from the past. That's cool. I never did played the original Game Boy.

i'd totally figure out if it's the rubber membrane that died, you can replace that easy with a couple dollars on ebay

I have had same issues with buttons on other Nintendo stuff. It is more likely oxidation on the contacts. You just have to remove it wipe down the contacts with alcohol can the contacts on the rubber membrane.

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awesome. Like @Cellprocessing said, you only need to clear contacts of buttons, should work.

fun fact: a friend has changed his ringtone to the game music just recently. we were talking about how awesome it was yesterday ^^

It's either this or the contacts are totally rotted away for some reason, though I am very sure it's just the rubber membrane. Opening it up should be no issue.

You might invalidate the warranty if you open it up though 😉

I used to love playing a motorbike game on mine, loop the loops and crazy jumps, that game was addictive.

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I remember when my grandmother was still alive she used one of those all the time up until somewhere around '02 or '03. She was in her sixties at the time and played Tetris so much she killed the cartridge so we went to find her a new one. She was also the one to introduce me to Legend of Zelda too. Link's Awakening is the bomb. It's interesting to think how many memories i have attached to old Game Boys.

This is really making me want to dig out my GameBoy and play some games on it. Hopefully you can get the buttons fixed and be able to enjoy it. :D