1968(ish) Cadillac Deville Sedan to Convertible Transformation

So, my grand idea of the day to take a Cadillac Deville Sedan and make it into a 4 door convertible.

I know, I know, it's a great idea.

I am just wondering what you all think of the idea. I know its possible, but how hard would it be?

How much would it cost for a shop to do it? How much would it be to do it myself?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

The body styles seem to be very similar between the sedan and convertible, so many parts might be interchangeable and would make the job easier.

structurally i think you will have to reinforce some of the bottom of the frame. having the solid roof helps with that

Yeah i thinks its not that easy to do at all.
You have to re-inforce the whole lower part of the chasis.
Still it would be a cool project, if you could get it all street legal.

You are very funny.

It will probably require re-inforcing the entire car and basically taking the entire thing apart, I would still love to have one though.