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1960 TBird

this 1960 Tbird rolled into the parking lot at work the other day


we have had the fortune of various rare cars to roll into our parking lot.
the above tbird, a yenko nova , a 66 hemicharger (which was the nascar pacecar in 1966, it had 6000 miles on it, all original including the interior,nascar wing on the trunk, and so forth) , 1915 model T , and 1950-51 citroens .

That’s a beautiful car! My parents own a prime condition '55 in the lighter blue color that was available. It’s wild to me how much they changed the design from 1st to 2nd gen.

You know that the lounge is for stuff like this right?

well i figured this was a car , so i posted it in the “vehicles and mobility” section. please move it as you see fit. thanks.

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