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1950x getting pretty hot while gaming, normal?


Hey guys,

I’ve been noticing that my 1950x has been getting pretty warm while gaming, roughly running to about 50-55°C on average with peaks at 61-63°C on the Tdie. It runs at roughly 31-34°C at idle with the ambient being anywhere from 17-20°C. Games I was playing were Far Cry 5 at 1080 and Assassin’s Creed Unity at 1440p.

Here are my current specs:
CPU: 1950x running at stock (HWinfo is showing the min clock on all cores at 3.6?)
COOLER: Noctua D14US SP3 TR4 w/ 2x NF-A15s in push-pull
MOBO: ASRock X399 Taichi
MEMORY: 32gb Corsair RGB 4x8 3466mhz (running at 3200)
GPU: 1080ti on liquid using a G12 and X62 as the cooler
CASE: Dark Base Pro 900
PCpartpickerlist for more info
Note that NZXT AER 120’s are being used purely for RGB at this point in time. Extra 140mm Silentwings 3 are set to intake from the bottom, but are covered by custom PSU shroud to provide better airflow to PSU, used to help keep PSU cool. Little to no ventilation from the bottom is making it past the shroud.

Cooling/Airflow specs:
Front Intake: 3 140mm Be Quiet Silentwings 3 ; 2 mounted on 280mm X62 rad at the front. Front fans normally running at about 50-65% unless I increase using case fan controller.
Rear Exhaust: 140mm NZXT AER at about 800-1000rpm to keep the system quiet.
CPU fans: Running at roughly 1000rpm at all times until CPU Tdie hits about 57-58°C.
Thermal Paste application: Used provide Noctua paste and put a line over each of the 4 Dies running about the length of the die with another one in the middle of those 4.

There are 2 things that I feel like are causing the temperatures to be a bit high, the first being my thermal paste application since I used an unorthodox method to applying. Or it could be the front intake radiator, but this one I doubt, as the radiator is not getting hot enough from the GPU to be pushing that much hot air into the Case/CPU cooler.

Let me know what you guys think, and thanks in advance.

Edit 2: spelling errors
Edit 3: Was not able to get the system to be stable at 3466 and 3333, so down clocked back to stable 3200.


Applying thermal paste to Threadripper can be a little tricky . Try re-applying (I think you can be a bit more generous) and re-sitting the cooler .
Here’s some advice from the best :

Lastly 50-55C isn’t necessarily too bad … 63 though is cutting it close to max (68 I think) …


Looks totally fine to me.
Maybe re-applying thermal paste might shave a few degrees off.


thats not that bad. Whats the room temperature? Remember your trying to cool 16 cores with a cooler that looks to have 1 fan and 1 heat tower


Maybe try rear at 1200 rpm to see if it makes a difference. Thermal paste can be reapplied but you do have a bit of room on die temp. If it’s not throttling and maxing out at 63 I think you are ok, just have to watch temps every 6 months or so


Thanks everyone, it’s reassuring that seems to be normal then. I think I might try reapplying the thermal paste if I start to see it get anyworse.

My only concern now is going to be when I start gaming and streaming from this one machine. I’ll give it a test run in a little bit here, but I’m assuming like any system, it will make it run pretty hot.


I have a 2950x and those temps are about the same as mine, so I would say there’s nothing to worry about.

The 68C limit is just when the CPU will start to limit it’s boost clocks and clock down to base freq. The Tdie can still safely reach 95C like most other silicon. ( Actually, you could probably go to like 100C or 105C without failure, but I would never push my chip that hard, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to either. ). Source


Man I can only imagine how hot the IHS is getting at that point.

Thanks for letting me know, its reassuring that even Threadripper 2 components are performing roughly the same.


That looks perfectly fine to me for an air cooler that’s cooling 16 cores CPU. However, if you still think that these temps are not normal then try reapplying good thermal paste.


Hey Shorter,

I ended up swapping out the Noctua for a Dark Rock Pro Tr4, and it’s doing a much much better job at cooling the CPU while keeping the system very quiet.

I was playing and streaming Anthem yesterday and peaked at 65-67 witht he averaging being about 60 on the t_die, while everything was till running incredibly quiet.