1950x Build help


I’m looking at getting in to threadripper. I found a good deal on 1950x for about $550 and I want to build a system around it.

I want to do virtualisation and development on it. Currently have a few linux/macos/windows vms for work on a windows system (i9 11900k and 64gb Trident Z on a Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Master).

Looking for memory recommendations (capacity and speed), fast storage conifigurations, stability and great Iommu/bifrication set up. Budget is not super huge of an issue but I would like to try keep costs down.

I’ll keep my windows machine mentioned about for a gaming machine - but I’d like to test gaming and gpu passthrough on some of the vms on this threadripper machine as well.

I’m new to threadripper and I’m tired of intel so this is my first entry into the world of threadripper (i’ve used some amd cpus before but they were pretty budget so I’m excited.)

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!

Also I’m looking at the Asrock x399 Taichi mobo - in case that helps too

1950x a little weak today instead I would get 5900x and a x570 board

What devices are you using to need all the lanes?

Yeah - I figured it’s a little weak, but I’d hope to upgrade to a better threadripper in a year or so maybe like a 2950x or a 3000 or so. Plus I can get it brand new for $550.

I have a few GPU’s that I’d like to pass through to some of the vms (3080 ti, 1070 and a 1660) also a few nvmes that I’d like to pass through too

X399 and trx40 are two different platforms incompatible with each other, so for threadripper 3000 you would need trx40, and the re hasn’t been confirmation if thread ripper 5000 will use trx40 or something else
You’ll be limited to 2000 series on x399

interesting - I assumed they would be supported for a good few generations. Can you tell I’m still very much new to this chipset?

I was a bit shocked when I could out too
Something to take note of is PCI-e gen 4, you can have the 16 and 30 series card be 8x gen 4 and still get the same bandwidth as 16x gen 3 on threadripper

There’s a board that uses the chipset to mix the 4x gen 4 chipset lanes into 8x gen 3 which would be enough for the 10 series card

I think it was an Asus board I’d have to look it up, just to keep your optioms open

Get an old EPYC system with an Asrock Rack or Gigabyte board, or get a Xeon 2011-3 Supermicro board and 26xx v4 series cpu (avoid ES cpus.)

Both offer tons of RAM support, great IOMMU and bifurcation options, and are very affordable.

Modern AMD desktop platforms may offer more performance per watt for single threaded tasks, but they’re a poor fit for virtualization in my direct experience.