1950x 400$ amazing deal or am i overlooking something

Bought a 1950x brand new from microcenter for 399 today (one plus is i have a x99 system with 8 sticks of ram so i dont ahve to buy any) i just wanted opinions from other people on the price and their thoughts (excuse

my non existent grammar)


That time of the year…:wink:

All the PCIe lanes…
I hope you ain’t planning on gaming on that thing… It’s such powerful number cruncher it’s funny how it trips over it’s feet in gaming…

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Threadripper 3xxx promises to reduce the cross-core memory access issues via the IO die, so there’s definitely things coming that will be much improved.

The 1950x is a CPU that is about to be replaced by 2 generations of successors.

it’s still a good chip but this is why it is cheap.

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Yeah i kno that its a older chip but microcenter offers a"warranty" which means bring it back within 2 years and (all your money minus the cost of warranty) your money can go towards something new i was just shocked at a brand new 16 core for 399

Its replacing a 5820k that i use as a dedicated streaming pc and plex server and 25 different other things so i think its a good fit and no no gaming on that i have a 2700x system for gaming


Price drops are normal. I’m waiting for that 12 core to drop some when 3XXX drops.

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Yeah don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t buy it.

But time moves on and prices come down, and first gen threadripper is a couple of years old now, that’s all.

I’m tempted to pick up a gen1 (or gen2) threadripper myself to get onto the HEDT platform and retire my 2700x to the living room as a gaming PC.