$19 a month phone service

So almost a year ago I switched my phone service from Virgin Mobile to Republic Wireless. They only charge $19 a month plus a couple of dollars for 911 and regulatory fees. I have unlimited talk, text, and web. They are supposedly still in beta so there are a few things that don't work such as picture messages (MMS) and text to short numbers like ####. How can they do this you ask? They route some of your calls over wifi. The only requirement is that you have access to wifi. It doesn't even have to be at your house. It could be at work, school, or somewhere else. That being said I live in metro Atlanta and haven't had one major issue with them yet and I have saved a ton of money. If you have Sprint and you get good service in your area you could save a lot of money by switching. It probably isn't the best if you travel a lot because Sprint tends to have less coverage but it gets service everywhere Sprint does and even has roaming. I hope this helps someone. I just feel if people knew about them they would save a ton of money. I was paying double of what I am now and I know there are people that pay $120.

cool I'm currently using net10 unlimited everything for 50$ a month, 45 if you sign up for automatic withdrawal