1800x benchmark new (leaked)



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It's wccftech, so I'd take the benchmarks with the largest grain of salt you can find.


You have shares in AMD or something?

Impressive if true.

This is starting to smell funny.

Wasn't this the supposed "leak" 2 months ago?

Cool ANOTHER Zen article.

I am AMD all the way but this is ridiculous. Can existing threads not serve this purpose? Why an new one.

Can you stop that?

Added leaked to title.

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I actually do believe a lot of these AMD benchmarks.

AMD always has a bad habit "leaking" information. I doubt this is fake, but its probably not 100% true.

Im still liking that 1700 chip. 8 cores, 16 "threads" all at 65 watts tdp, is fucking brilliant.

seems like half of AMDs marketing are "Leaks"
I just hope this is not another Bulldozer/Vishera and that the AMD supplied benchmarks are legit.
would be pretty cool to have a realistic second option for a high end PC.

And that is probably the better half.

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