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1700x, 1070 build issues


Disable everything that smells of efficiency feature / power saving. Especially C-States!



To give you all an update ive solved the problem.

When I brought it home the other night I donored the ram from one of my machines to start trying to figure out if I had faulty hardware.
Only started with ram because its the easiest thing to swap.

No issues of any kind since.
Pretty sure one of the Corsair 3000 cl16 sticks is faulty. I know I could’ve tried each stick to figure out which one or both was at fault but I just too them back and exchanged for some Patriot Viper cl16 2666 1.2v ones.
Its happy on these and they did xmp then I manually stepped that up to 2933
Happy with the result.



@wendell just as an aside to a possible future video.

If youre a normal user building a ryzen rig what are the ideal bios settings to get the best out of it with no overclocking, except xmp



Most boards are fine just enabling xmp. Maybe svm if you want virtual machines.

Asus is still being worked on. Some voltages may be too high hurting perf.