$17 7.1 Surround, Legit or Scam?

I've been looking around the internet lately for a new headset, and I came apon a $17 dollar 7.1 surround sound headset.


My question is, Is it legit or another Chineese scam?

USB headphones don't cost that much to make. They look to be made of cheap materials... Also, the frequency response range is not as good as higher priced headsets.

If you are ok with average sound quality then they might be worth it. Do NOT expect much for the money. Also, I had a few surround headsets... They never sound as good as regular headsets. 

Never cheap out on headphones

I'v delt with deal extreme before, they shipped me a bailsong that was apperently not very legal in this state.

they tend to deal with overstock item's and sell them for cheap, your taking a gamble here with those. they may be a bargin or they might just really suck.

and if you do buy them, post a follow up in this thread.


Just found the version below that one on another site, seems much better: http://www.wsdeal.com/CP0093B/SNIKE_XU160_71_channel_USB_Stereo_Sound_Wired_Gaming_Headset_with_Microphone_Black.ws

That website does not seem to want to work for me.

Haaa DEALEXTREME they used to sell Dr.Dre beats studios for 80 bucks. They are "replicas" not the real thing. As far as quality my headphones were great, just as good if not better than the real ones. Except the quality of the mesh was different. You always take a gamble with chinesse websites