16GB single regECC RAM on AM3+?

I found this pretty cheap ram stick with 16GB regECC memory. Is it a good idea to run this in single channel on my AM3+ mobo? Currently I have a FX 6300 (But would upgrade to 8350).



Edit: Would this affect gaming performance with the regECC ?

Edit2: Mobo is ASUS M5A99X R2.0 990X chipset

chances are it won't post  ... looks like server memory

Because its regECC or 16gb single channel?

what mobo you have? See if they validate ... 


ASUS M5A99X R2.0 990X chipset, I've read that AM3+ supports regECC.

it's not on their list of mobos


But it should not hurt to try .... ?

you cannot use 1 stick of 16GB in a AM3+ mobo also not on a Z77 / Z87 / Z97 and what not. those 16GB ECC sticks will only work on server grade boards. i think

Okay, sounds legit.

Thank you!

AM3+ board do support ECC unbuffered ram, but only as 4GB or 8 GB most likely.

It wil not effect gaming performance at all. for gaming its not realy worth it. normaly ECC ram is more expensive.

I would love this ram for a virtual machine, but as you stated, its unlikely to work.

grab a cheap server board off ebay or ?

yeah i  think that a single 16GB stick will not work.

i think that 2x8GB ECC unbuffered will be the safer choice.

I have not that much money to spend as a student... I recently ordered a new case (define r4) and will order a new PSU soon.

Thanks, I just wanted this particular Stick because its so cheap, the second price for this one would be 150 (compared to 70).

okay, i could advice you to contact Wendell about it, to be completely sure.

I´m still searching but im not realy able to find a clear ansewr just yet. ECC unbuffered memory does work on Asus am3+ boards, the only question, will be if it can support a single 16GB stick, which i think it wont.

Okay, thanks for your help! But as this is on sale it can be sold in a few hours or a few days, so don't worry to much about it! I think you are right, that a single 16gb stick won't work...

yes i dont think it will work, offcourse i can put 32GB on that mobo, and you can put upto 16GB per channel, But probably not as a single module.