1650 or 3050 Ti gaming laptop recommendation for a friend

A friend of mine is looking to upgrade his gaming laptop and the only options on the market appear to be either fitted with GTX 1650 (non Ti models), or 3050/3050 Ti models. The 1650 laptops can be had for around $1200-1300 AUD, with the 3050 Ti models going for about $1550-$1600 (then jumps to $2000 for 3060 which is too high).

I can’t find any 1660 Ti laptops anywhere sadly as that seems like a better option based on reviews so I’m inclined to suggest the 3050 Ti is the better buy, however I’m curious what you all would suggest.

Games I think largely fall under the survival category like The Forest and No Man’s Sky, however I’m sure he’d enjoy some big modern titles too.