$1650 build, need opinions

allright first the build

I don't need a hdd or ssd, just really after opinions. I live in Australia and currently a student, the build is for gaming media and work but im being told that i don't need the gpu to cost more than $250 (AUD).

I'm currently after opinions on that and i'm wondering if would last me about 5-7 years if i go that low or if it is worth it in the long run. I probly wont be able to wait nor am i able to buy later on so i want it to last.

i'm getting conflicting arguments between friends but i can see why with the price.

tl/dr. Have build but need in about 4 weeks, is it worth the price for the gpu.

I personally would go with this: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/2N1Qb

You could get the Sapphire r9 290 toxic: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/part/sapphire-video-card-1003622sr for cheaper but would have to lose a hard drive cage.

We need to know what specific games you plan to play as well as settings. What sort of 'work' stuff is it going to be doing? Video rendering or...?

If you're not going to be playing all the newest AAA titles on max settings you might be able to get away with a $272 270X GPU http://au.pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-video-card-r9270xdc2t2gd5

Unfortunately prices really suck here in Australia :(

Well honestly the work i'll be doing wouldn't cause any strain so no worries with that, but as my first personal rig i would like to max out with the AAA titles. I gennerally play LoL due to my current rig, but it has finnaly given up so now i'm able to upgrade and play the few games i've been wanting to play in hd and not in a 1200x800 window with lowest settings and having 40 fps tops. I do know i could go with a 270 but in the near future games will be putting quite a cap n this rig, so i feel that i should just go all the way now and not have to worry for quite some time. I'm a bit curious though to how will it hold up, when running games should i get the aircon going?

I would stick with the 8320 and 280X or 770 or better GPU then.

Obviously (or maybe not) you get better performance with lower temperatures.

If the air your PC pulls in is cooler then it can go that little bit faster, but you should obviously be comfortable rather than just cranking the AC :P

If you want super cool temps you might want to invest in decent water cooling (closed loops will be best for your first rig).

You can pick up a corsair 100/105/110 for your CPU (is a dual slot radiator I think 240/260mm)

You can also get the kraken water cooling for your GPU if it's something you feel comfortable doing and have a compatible card but that might be a bit tough for a first time build.