$1640 complete gaming set up


$1640.78 shipped with all of those from new egg 

used this combo from new egg http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1047786

still havent purchased, waiting on funds ^_^ 

Rate? i've done a lot of thought on the whole thing

looks good to me, i dont really see a major need for 16gb of ram i think 8gb would do, and maybe use the saved money for a mouse

you can get win7 a lot cheaper, like about $90 cheaper. and yeah, 16GB of ram is kinda useless, 8 will get the job done. maybe upgrade the gpu with the saved money

Yup ditch the second RAM kit and upgrade to a 680 or 7970. Also unless you are going to crossfire/sli in the future that PSU is major overkill.

XFX or Corsair 750Watt PSU for about 100$.

Corsair 100i or just no water cooling at all.

XFX 7970 3GB GPU.


Win7 Home can only take 8Gb of ram, and that's all you need anyways. I suggest G.Skill over Crucial!

Get a WD Blue 1TB Hard drive for more storage, 128Gb won't be enough. 

You only need 650W power supply maybe 750W if you plan on Xfiring (corsair, seasonic, silverstone,enermax). Save some cash with the watercooling, and get a Cooler Master 212 Evo, and get a 1TB hdd (seagate and western digital are best).  Unless you are rendering or video editing using Adobe products, a GTX670 will be slower then a 7970. This also means you dont need 16GB of ram 8GB of crucial is fine. (or gskill, corsiar, kingston, muschkin). I would look into getting windows 8 for 40$ (or 15$ if you are willing to lie a little). 

To the above comment. Crucial is good ram, and Windows 7 Home Premium (Which is saying he is using) can have up to 16GB of ram.

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