1600 vs 1866

Kepping this short ... Is the added expense of an 1866 ram card worth it or should I stick to some solid overclockable  1600 ram?

Totally depends on where you are and the pricing. In the states, the price increase is hardly a premium, but the performance gains are hardly noticeable either. 1866 is nice if you can afford it, but it isn't worth going out of your way for, especially since it really doesn't do anything extra for gaming unless you have an APU.

pretty much what jerm said, you might want to consider 1866 for an fx cpu as the memory controler actually took a step back from phenom so it would be more for compensational reason, but consider is the key word im using for the fx not a must unlike with the apu, and with intel meh what ever really 1600mhz is fine. 

1600 is fine, you won't notice a single bit of differance.

I was gonna make a thread just like this but then saw this. So is the extra 233mhz really make a difference? Maybe a frame or so in a video game?

nah faster ram has a simalir performance affect to like upgrading from A HDD to SSD. simalir being the keyword not the same depends on what your doing but in game's it affects how fast say a level loads in a game and how fast the game boots or texture and model load times etc. but no frame gains just makes things tick along a little smoother that is all. as everything goes from the storage drive to the ram to cpu then gpu

Thanks guys input is much appreciated