$1600 Rig I'm Building

Any thoughts on this build I have going here?




(RAM comes with the MoBo when I buy from NewEgg.)


I would recommend getting the Swiftech H220 instead of the Corsair H100i, becuase the H220 can be expanded to include multiple waterblocks (for your graphics card, motherboard, etc.), additional radiators, etc. It is a bit more, but would make the build a solid $1600. The 7970 is better than the 680 is 50% or more of tests/situations. That 680 is way too overpriced for 2GB of VRAM; you could get a 4GB model for that much! I got a 4GB 680 and love it, but it was way too overpriced. For not much more, I could have gotten 2x 7950s or 7970s. Still, the 680 is a solid card. The Samsung 840 is a great SSD, but it uses an older cell-structure. From Samsung, the 830 or 840 Pro would be a better choice. However, the ADATA SX900 is a much better price/performance. The SX900 is about as fast or faster than the 840 Pro, and right now, the 256GB model is on sale for only $40 more. That Samsung RAM can overclock like crazy! 16GB is more than enough for all needs, and when you overclock it to 2133mHz (don't worry - RAM doesn't need a heatspreader), it will cut through everything you throw at it. For a more modest overclock, you could reach 1866mHz CL9 at about 1.52-1.53V, probably, depending on the modules. That PSU is a lot better than the one you had selected - SeaSonic is the brand for PSUs. It is fully modular, 80+ Gold, and 850W of pure upgrade-proof power! Cheers - hope I helped!


Brennan Riddell

Id drop the H100i and get a Good air cooler or a better closed loop solution (swiftech H220 or a 280mm solution) 

But the rest of it looks fine to me, 850watts is a bit much but itll allow you more in the future and the 680 is a little pricey but then again its EVGA and they have top notch quality.


Got you a Kraken x60,1866 Ram (16gb) and such.