$1600 PC Build


This is a build I've come up with the help of some other people. Tell me what you guys think about it or how I could improve on it. Also I'm looking to use it to play games such as BF3, ArmA2, etc. at ultra settings. What average FPS would I get?

Spot on, anything that people recommend would just be brand bias.

Also, unsure how your FPS will be but you'll be fine for a long time.

only thing i would say is get a better case with better airflow and cable management

Yeah, I was going to comment on the case but it looks great and I thought maybe the OP sacrificed some function for form, which is perfectly reasonable.  Plus every case nowadays has adequate airflow for cooling at least most modern overclocked dual-gpu setups.

For $40 it's really hard to beat.  The next cheapest case that I'd recommend would be probably an Antec P280 and then Fractal Design Define R4 but those are easily twice the cost for very little improvement.

Thanks for the help guys! I greatly appreciate it. Now all I need to do is order the parts and hopefully build this bad boy in the next week or two. Thanks again!

Awesome build.

Awesome build, the only thing I would change is the motherboard Asus boards seem to be more stable when ocing.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/u06d i would change you mb and cooler so you can buy a better case and h100. you will have more room to oc the cpu and more air flow for the 2 gpus.

other than that spot on good sir.

you good go with the gigibyte ud3h that supports msata and cash you whole 2tb hd with a 60-120gb msata ssd