$1600 Budget opinions and advice


i did not choose a storage harddrive because i have one already that i will use. i intend on using this computer for gaming and photoshop. I made this computer with semi future proofing in mind. is it worth it to hold off on this build and puchase the soon to come Haswell Cpus and 1150 mobos?


We have similar build ideas lol this is what I will be building in the future



yeah wow, very similar ideas, i see your going to be "aquring" os instead of purchasing it (; haha

Personally, I would wait to see the 1150 mobos and Haswell chips. They should come in at similar price points to the current product range, as Intel products often do. I've seen some videos of 1150 mobos and it looks promising. It is only a couple of weeks ot wait. As for the build you have made, I would definitely carry those parts over to a z87 mobo with the 4770k

alright, solid. thanks for your opionion its much valued i think thats exactually what im going to end up doing