16 steam coupons GIVEAWAY

Hi guys!

I have 16 random steam coupons that i want to give for free.
First 8 people who write whatever they want on my steam wall, get 2 random coupons.


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Hey man thanks again it's people like you that make the backbone of this community!

A gentleman and scholar.

6 is gone, another 10 remained.

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yep. i added you for trade.


added you for trade

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Hey... wait a minute... why don't I just join the group you did to get the free coupons?


thats not my groups...

Ty for the coupons

yep, i joined , and also had giveaway there, but nobody asked for coupons..

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Hello, do you still have coupons. Thanks for the chance to help with my gaming fix lol.
Have a day

Yep. Added you for trade

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guys, still 6 coupons. lets gooo


Might aswell jump on this wagon, if you don't mind me doing it. Thanks!

np, just write something on my steam wall and i will add u for coupons