16:9 vs 21:9 monitors for productivity

Should I get a 21:9 2560x1080 monitor or a 16:9 2560x1440 monitor? I am asking this since I've never personally seen any monitor with a resolution above 1920x1080 and was hoping to get the opinion of those who have experience with these resolutions. If I had the funds available I would personally get the LG 21:9 3440x1440 monitor but since I don't I was debating between a 1440p Korean monitor or a 21:9 1080p LG monitor seeing as there roughly the same price.

If you are using a monitor for just strict productivity, the 21:9 monitors are amazing. but also be very aware which ones you get. I believe news broke out that the monitor software on some of the few LG monitors manage to expose your system to malware. im not sure which one but i think it were the Free-Sync monitors.

for general use / gaming the 1440p monitors are great. and right now, we are already at that point where most GPUs are capable of pushing 1440p fairly well. even as low as the R9-285.

I guess it depends on what you mean by productivity. At work we use dual monitors and I can't imagine having to use a single monitor. I'm often looking at 3 or 4 documents side by side, so if I had to use just one monitor I guess it would be 21:9.

I agree with crazymobster; the task makes a huge difference. Personally I work with three 1080 displays at work and for my main PC at home. For productivity I couldn't give two hoots about the bezels - they're separate screens and I use them as separate displays. If you're using a massive spreadsheet, however (or something else that benefits a single display) then no, three screens wouldn't work as well.
Financially it works better too; you get a desktop real estate of 5760x1080 for around the same price as a single 2560x1080 screen.

21:9 monitors all the way. Its just a way better experience that I could never go away from. Even if you dont like the 21:9 experiece, you can always scale it down to 16:9

Thanks guys for the help. I think is should have been specific by what I meant for productivity. I'll be going with a 21:9 monitor which will be really helpful for when I looking at multiple documents and also because I found one that can pivot which will come in handy when coding.

I personally have the LG 34UM95 3440x1440 monitor and it's pure sex. It completely revolutionizes how you do pretty much everything. Don't waste your money on the 2560x1080 one honestly. The extra 360 vertical pixels do make a huge difference. Save up for a few more months and try to snag one on sale (I've seen them as low as $750) because it is legit worth it.