16:10 in short review

I am a humble person who doesn’t ask for much from his pc. Only that the monitor works as it should and that I get a normal fps jn my games. I can use anything and no really care. However, the last few days I have seen more clearly that the source of my choppiness in games has nothing to do with my cpu or anything like that, but rather my monitor.

How hp manages shit like this I have no clue, but my 080p monitor drops to 40hz when I am in a game rather than staying at 60. I messed around kn the osd for way too long and could never find a fox that locked its clockrate to stock. So instead I went and bought another monitor. A 16:10 (8:5) monitor to be exact. A dell ultrasharp 2208 to be closer. It was advertised as 1920x1200 but turned out to be 1680x1050. Its not enough of a pixel drop to make me mad and it produces better colors and it stays at 60. So, the new monitor is my main while the other one is now a tool screen.

For the most part, I like this dell a lot more. Its a lot like 5;4 but fat. I like the vertical space and tbh I hate 16:9; the wider screens get the more braindead the market is. Its an abortion that grew up and runs a business for some reason.

Anyways. The dell, I have found, also has a colorblind feature in it. Thisbis super fucking cool because not all games support that and I can easily mix up colors if I am tired and not paying attention, which in a game like rust that could screw me over big time. The monitor can also go to 95 hz if I want it to which is really handy. I doubt I’ll ever use it to its full potential though.

All in all its good. I find it fills my vision better and the crushing that comes from a wide fov is reduced at the edge of the screen. It will fuck with streams a bit, sure, but if you need a new monitor and want sonething a bit different def pick up a 16:10 screen. I got mine for 50 bucks, which is a hell if a lot better than the 600 dollar 2560x1600 ips screens out there on the market.

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I know this much …

People swear by Dell monitors so no surprise you are satisfied with the one you have.

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I would be livid if I bought a 1920x1200 screen and got something else.


Worse thing I did was sell my Dell 2707wfp as it was such a versatile monitor.

I didn’t know about the color blind features in a Dell monitor as I’m a Moderate Deutan myself.

kYeah I was digging around in the osd and found it. It just makes colors a bit brighter, like green and such.

Well i don’t really have a choice otherwise at the moment and I’m not going to send it back and be stuck with 40hz chop shop again. IMO when I am moved out I can work on the perfect monitor setup then, but at the moment this is my brthday present so I’m not going to bitch.

Full framerate is more important to me. This has less tearing, better colors, and honestly I can actually read everything. It might be an accidental bonus.

what cables/connections are you using, I’ve found so weird/buggy stuff in the past e.g. some monitors only behaving properly on Display Port etc.

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Well all these silver monitors from dell are pretty old, 10 years plus, but I have an hdmi to dvi jack so it runs off of that. It also has vga.

I was wondering if the cables/adapters were causing a problem - but it does sound like DELL 2208 is only a 1680x1050 screen. Happy it works for you.

It wouldn’t cause problems anyways. More likely you have faulty cables sirdood.

Yeah since i started working on IT and got a hold of DELL, the Monitors are amazing, they usually last very long, im currently using at Work 2x Utrasharp 16:10, and are Built like a tank, on my personal Rig im using a p2715q 4k as a Main Screen and a P2414H 1080p as a Side Screen, im a total fanboy of dell hardware now, its well built and you can get them on a discount on Enterprise Surplus.

I also own a couple of 17" 4:3 and 19" 900p TN Panels, cheap and functional, i will also recommend anyone looking for a Side monitor to look up used enterprise hardware, it will be better than the Budget consumer stuff.

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“but my 240hz”

I’m in love with used dell servers at the moment.

Just picked up a used R710 ;-;

My brother got a 1680x1050 I think about 6-7 years ago now… still using it. It only goes up to 60hz, but it was a cheap monitor (With little to no features) that was on special at the time and it worked out to about $100 US… Africa prices.

I’m stuck with 1440x900, but I have 1920x1080 at work. The 1080p is nice, but something about that 1680x1050 res (Or aspect ratio) just feels better even though it’s only a 19" vs the 22" I have at work. It doesn’t feel like a 19"… my 1440x900 19" feels smaller after I’ve spend a bit of time on my brother’s screen.

My advice, if you need a cheap monitor, try and get something that is at least 1680x1050. It’s weird, but that ratio just feels better IMO.

I want something with higher that 1080p, but in Africa tech is expensive. So will have to wait until I can afford something.

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