15sec post time... tried everything. :'(

Hey my POST is 15secs and i have tried everything and i dotn know why it is so long i even did a UEFI install of windows bwcause i though that would improve it but it did nothing. can someone please give me a step by step guid to improve post time. 

My specs:


Corsair vengence 8gb DDR3

Intel core I5 3570K

Samsung 830 SSD

WD caviar green 1TB HDD

ASUS HD 7770

15 seconds? I don't really know why it's a big deal. Does the rest of the system perform fine? Do games run well or whatever else you use?

maybe there is a new bios version on the asus site availeble, that solves this problem, go to the asus site, and download the latest bios version, from the mobo. unpack the rar file in to a folder, then you get a cap file, take the cd from asus, install asus suite, if im right, and go beneth to update, choose bios update, dont let de program search online, but, select the bios cap file you just downloaded youre self, and update the bios, leave system allong, it take about 2 minutes.

restart pc, go into bios make sure you have the latest version, installed, you just flashed. then set the settings if changed like date and time and maybe if you had oc profiles... and then look how the post time is then..

The latest bios version of youre Motherboard is the 1801 version, take that one. for youre update.