150mm Power Supply Recommendations

I'm looking to build a portable gaming pc in the Corsair 380T case. I'm having trouble though finding power supplies that will comfortably fit. The specs I've read say that the case fits up to a 160mm atx psu, but some reviews have said that it is snug / or that you need to remove the hard drive cage to fit it. Can anyone recommend a good 150mm length power supply? So far I've only seen the Silverstone Strider S series, but Silverstone seems to have a mixed reputation. I would prefer a top-tier brand (Seasonic, Corsair, etc.), and for it to be fully modular. Also, my current usage estimate is around 400w, so anything around the 650-750w should work. Thanks.

You could probably make this work. Its an awesome PSU from the best vendor. Its 160mm so you might need to be smart with your cable management. The digital management that the AXI series has is really neat.