15000rpm HDD vs SSD

Was looking on Newegg and found a Seagate cheetah 146GB hdd at 15000rpm for $48.99. So i was thinking would it be better to get an SSD or a 15000rpm hard drive for my boot, and do hard drives running that fast get very loud or was that just a problem with the early ones?




That is the Seagate I was looking at.

the drive you listed is SAS not SATA so it wont work unless you have a SAS controller (which is more for enterprise than mainstream)

Keep in mind it isn't new, it's refurbished. And I've heard those things don't have very long life spans.

I would go with a 64-128 gb for boot, OS and apps. Get a new drive, not refurbs. I have tried refurbs and they always ended up having different issues. Clicking, stalling, reliability, just my experience. If you have the money get an Adata XPG SX900 or a Kinston HyperX 3k, just a suggestion.

ok thank you. and yes i have an SAS controller. lolz got it for like 30$ from my boss.

you can get backplate adapters, so you can hook up a SATA drive to a SAS bus. the only real advantage of sas in theis context is that you can have a sas cable up to 30' long. sata maxes at 3', esata at 6'.