$1500 Gaming rig (DO NOT LOOK AT THIS RuffeDK)

There is probably a million of these post on this forum, I did do some searching but I did not a post like this (there needs to be a better search function). This is going to be used primarly for gaming but also some editing and redering.

I really like like the Graphite 600D, and I think i willl get a H100i and a 3570K, other then that i dont know what to buy.

I can go over $1500 but not buy too much. I do need a OS (Widows 8 I guess), but i have a mouse, keyboard and a monitor. I might upgrade in the future. The enternal astecics do not matter to much so a modualr PSU is optional (but prefered)

Please post suggestions and differnet choises



Thats what I would do!

just curious, but why the do not look at this ruffedk?

I posted a topic about a Mini-ITX build and he came in saying that he was tired about people posting the same build over and over, so since i thought there might be more $1500 build topics i just put it in the title

Dont worry about people like that it does not matter he should have no problem with you asking a question about anything and if he does he should just not comment...

lol fair enough


so where you buying from considering you live in norway, a web link would be nice, so then i/we can calculate what you have left to spend on the rest of the parts,as your already set on the above in your opening post.


This is what i came up with, i saved some things here and there, but it will still work right?

Since i live in Norway i have to add some cost to the shipping.


This is what I would be buying for 1500

You dont need a h100i for the i5 but if you can stretch for a i7 then the h100 is great but for the i5 get a h80 or h80i

yeah everything you have posted is compatible, i would go to a modular psu though, and if you plan to oc go to a 750w. also i dunno about fractal psu's i would go corsair axi or silverstone. also if you can afford go the fastest ram you can afford, but stay at 1.5v stuff as any higer will screw with your oc

https://www.komplett.no It the only site in Norway but it is in Norwegian and i do not plan to buy from this site

Since I can get a computer that is worth $2750 in Norway for $1500 in the US, and the shipping is in no way can cost over $1000, I will just get the parts of Newegg


So like this then?

I do have about $2000 so i can go over my budget but not so much more now. Also for gaming (Metro 2033, BO2 and Skyrim) would a 7970 do better?


Stay with the 670 if you intend to use the adobe creative suites

if your editting and rendering your gonna want to skick with nvdia, and yeah that psu will do you fine. also if you willing to spend 2k i would go 2011 build, espicialy as your editting, im only mentioning this as you say you have 2k. but you want to stay at 1.5k so 2011 is out of the question. also better ram is a must if your eddting/rendering. idealy you want 4 gig per cpu core and faster ram too. and finnaly if your staying on 1155 a 3770k really would do you justice as your editing/rendering if your willing to stretch to an extra $100


More like this then?

Yeah that will be a awesome build! 


2x 7970's, 1tb hd, 750w psu, i5, h100i, 8gb 1866 ram. no os and no ssd if you can add $200 then ssd and windows

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zZJJ amd build same as the intel build just with a 1000w modular psu


yeah man that's a tidy build, you should have lots of good times with it