£1500 Gaming PC

Hi Guys i am going to build a £1500 Gaming PC and these are the parts i am looking at and i was wondering if you had any suggestions for different parts or configurations for this build:

PSU: Corsair RM750

CPU: i5-4670K overclocked to 4.4GHz

GPU: EVGA 780ti Super Clocked 

RAM: Corsair Vengence Pro 8GB 1866MHz

CPU Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC12DX

Mobo: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540


SSD: none at the moment i do not see the point as they only decrease loading times and i do not think the price is  there for me yet

Wireless: Asus PCE-N15

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit 


I'd go this way: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Cn0F the fx-8350 is stronger than the I5 and is slightly cheaper. I also managed to get a very good water cooler in to this build so you should be able to push that 8350 to its limits. Also i included a small 60gb ssd just for your OS and maybe a couple programs. It was really cheap and will really help in windows. I managed to get all this plus an amazing motherboard for under 1400euros.

thank you for the suggestion but a think i am going to stick with the Intel purely out of personal preference as the CPU doesn't really effect the performance much but i will consider getting a water cooler as this would allow me to possibly overclock the i5 higher than 4.4GHz


but if you want to go intel you have a great build but i suggest a SSD load times are awesome!

CPU gaming performance
Batman: AC: Frames per second: Higher is better

AMD FX-8350: 114
AMD FX-8150: 126
Intel Core i7 3770K: 177
Intel Core i5 3570K: 164

CPU gaming performance
Shogun 2: CPU Frames Per Second: Higher is better

AMD FX-8350: 25
AMD FX-8150: 22
Intel Core i7 3770K: 35
Intel Core i5 3570K: 34

here are some figures i pulled of techradar.com which show that the i5 (Last Generation) has better performance in some games than the fx-8350 so in my opinion it is more personal preference and i am doing no rendering so i do not need 8 cores

(Please take this with a pinch of salt as i have never used an SSD) On the subject of an SSD I really do not see the price justifies the loading time decrease as i can wait for games and programs to load as i have been living with a laptop with a 5400RPM hard drive for about 3 Years and i think i am used to it but i could be something i add later as an upgrade but right now i don't think i will but thank you for the comment

The tek syndicate benchmarks showed otherwise on the 8350 and with games now being threaded to actually use all 8 cores, the 8350 will be the winner in the future. Also on the topic of the ssd, i was also using a laptop with a 5400rpm hdd for a long time but when i switched to my pc and got a 240gb hyper x 3k ssd. I was blown away, it was and still is the most noticeable improvement over that old laptop. I can not go back after using one. It is by far the best money i put in my desktop. 

true (single core performance i5-4670K wins multi core performance FX 8350 wins) but at the moment most games don't use all the cores and even when games start to i do not think it will make to much of a difference to performance i game

It really will in multiplayer games. Stuff like arma and battlefeild will really shine when they get optimized to use all the cores. Why does rendering software work better with 8350's and I7's then I5's? because it can use all the cores. And it really is a must have for any content creator to have an 8 core because it is that much of an improvement. It is a must have because the performance is that much better. Any game that is multithreaded and CPU intensive will run better on an 8350 than a I5. It is just the extra cores.