$1500 gaming pc help

I have a $1500 dollar buget for my new gaming pc that i will be building so far i am thinking about geting a AMD FX 8350 for $200 bucks on newegg. I am hoping to get a good heatsink so i can overclock the hell out of it. But alot of people go with an i5 for gaming but the 8350 has 8 core a higher stock speed and is much cheaper than most intel cpus. Is the fx 8350 a good pick or do i go with intel? With the gpu i am stuck do i go with a gtx 780 for $650 or a amd 7970 for $400? which gpu do i get the most for the money? Keep in mind that this build is suposed to be for the next gen games. 


UPDATE: Can some one build me the best possible gaming pc for $1500 on new egg. I am not afraid of overclocing and the $1500 needs to include the os. i dont need a fancy case i just need one that is quality better to spend the most money on the system.  



Thanks all help appreciated and plz no fan boys


i forgot to add what cpu heatsink should i buy? i plan for some heavy overclocking



I have a 670 that maxes about everything. Only about $400 I think, with an i7 3770 with a H50 liquid cooler. Performance is very solid.

would a fx 8350 work with a 780


For gaming, go with either the 8350 or i5. You don't need anything more. Any single high-end GPU will be beneficial. 760 to 770. Maybe upwards of that if you have a high-resolution monitor. On the AMD side of things, the 7950 is a really good buy.

Heatsink: Xigamtek Dark Knight, Phanteks 12DX or 14PE, almost anything by Noctua.

thank for posting um will a fx 8350 work will a gtx 780 or will the 780 not be used to its full potental being as the 8350 is not a super powerful cpu?


780 will work with the 8350 and i5. An overclocked 8320 will have no problems, if you want the cheaper alternative. I'd advise just matching the GPU to your display and your needs.

Best advice I can give is that AMD is suppling the chipsets to both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. As such any multiplat game is most likely going to be better optimized for AMD's hardware. I know the Frostbite 3 engine was recently announced to be optimized for AMD. There was an article of Planetside to to start optimizing for AMD as well. 

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I'd also recommend if you go AMD to wait til the 9000 series launch for both Steam Roller cpus and Hawaii gpus.

When will the new cpus and gpus be coming to the market

No one Knows

It's all speculation right now.

there no point in waiting for something new if you dont know how it will perform and when it will come out. Say i wait half a year for the new cpus and gpus and they are complete crap or overpriced i just wasted half a year for no reason. Not saying that will happen but its an example.


On a 2nd note can someone build the best $1500 gaming pc on newegg

There's a good chance that the new GPUs will emerge before the end of the year. There are still plenty of good options at this current time.

AMD option:


PSU is large enough to accommodate two GPUs.

Intel would be largely the same components. I'd swap the HD7970 for a GTX770. The i5 4670K will replace the 8350. I would probably recommend any Z87 mobo by ASUS or Gigabyte, and the Mpower or GD series from MSI. Different motherboards will have different features like good onboard sound, or wifi. Take your pick.

wont the new gpus be expensive seeing as they are brand new and if you can buy a card that runs crisis 3,farcry 3 and metro last light at 1080p on the best setings at a good fps then most of the "next gen" games will be easy to do seeing as the next gen games wont have a huge leap in grafics


The ghz edition is just overclocked which you can do for free with the 7970.

*small edit to adjust from only newegg.


Well, I usually recommend the 7950. Since the performance difference between the 7970 and 7950 is negligible. Might be the better bet in terms of price to performance. Still get the game deals, too.

One with berserker's 7950 idea. I mostly agree, not sure what isn't playable with 2 7950s in crossfire. Can save 200 dollars.



Thank you both for your ideas and time. The 2 7950s in crossfire looks like a great Idea i just have one question will the 2 7950s work better than one gtx 780? again i will be playing in 1020p and want the most future proof gpu or gpus so i can glide through the "next gen" games. Is a crossfire config hard to setup do i need to know anything in advance?
One more question do i get the 8350 or the i5 for this build?