1500$ build

I am looking for a good build for the winter for ROUGHLY 1500$. I have a linux and hackintosh USB. I have a keyboard, mouse and headphones. I have a 1680x1050 but will be getting a better one.


This must be intell or PowerPC. It must have at least a 4770k or dual core Power8. It must only have an nVidia GPU if it will be a 780ti, otherwise AMD 290 (I will flash to 290X).

Since this is such a nice build I will be wanting a 2nd monitor. IT MUST BE 16:10!!! I can not stress this enough!!!!! It must also be above 1680x1050 60hz. IE: 1680x1050 @ 120hz is OK, 1920x1200 at 60hz is OK, 1680x1050 at 60hz IS NOT OK. I would really want 120hz though. The screen should preferably be TFT. If it is a CRT it must be at least 144hz (or my ears will explode from the squealing). THIS MUST BE 16:10!!!

The case must be the nzxt phantom full tower. I will be watercooling with a peltier on the GPU and CPU, I also want to watercool the northbridge (include that in the price for the components). The RAM must be at least 2133MHz.

Liquid-cooling the Northbridge doesn't really do much.  Therefore, there are very little amount of blocks.  The only one I know of would be on a $300 gigabyte board.


And with your requirements, your budget is too little.

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come on!!! REPLY!!!

Is 1500$ enough?

The two water blocks will be around 100$ each, have fittings? tubing? coolant?

The GTX780 is 700$

The CPU is 320$

Let's say you'll pay around 70$ for the memory.

Case is 110$

We are at 1300$ on top of that you want another monitor. Storage? Power supply? Motherboard?

I would also really urge you to take it slowly, else you'll just end up buying something you're not happy with and regret it. You might disagree with me but I find picking out the components to be one of the things to enjoy most.

Good Luck.

Nicely said, laughingman.

Thats half the reason i read the forums, to go round and pick parts out (way more fun if your buying them tho).

If your doing a custom loop you really should be picking the parts out yourself and researching them.

Yup, doing your research is always a great idea, esp with custom water cooling loops.  Then you bring your knowledge to the forums to educate others so they don't have to spend a couple hours learning bit by bit, site by site, in an attempt to come up with a solution or a build.