~$1500 Build. First build

Well, I've been wanting to build a pc for quite a while now, and just recently have the chance to do so. Consoles are near to launch and they'll most likely bring some changes to pc gaming, I also wanted to know if I should just buy the parts for the pc now or wait till the next iteration, will it really make a difference?

The build is expensive because I currently dont have any pc parts, not even a mouse or keyborad, so I'm buying everything. And one last question, how long will it last, i pretent to play at least on high for the first year or so, and then I've no problem with turning down some settings to keep it running. Monitor will be 1080p so I imagine I might end up gaming on lower resolutions in a few years.

I hope I've explained things enough. I live in Mexico so the only place to buy components is this page. http://www.digitalife.com.mx so all prices are converted from mexican pesos to USD, things here are sometimes a little bit expensive and bringing parts directly from USA is not an option.

PC Parts.

Case: NZXT Source 210. ($60)

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 AM3+ (1 PCI Express x16 v2.0) ($80)

CPU: FX-6300 ($210) or FX-8350 ($250)

RAM: CORSAIR 8 GB DDR3 1600Mhz (two 4 Gb sticks) ($90)

HDD: WESTERN DIGITAL SATA3 1TB 7200RPM Blue Series ($85)

Video Card: GIGABYTE RADEON HD7870 2GB ($330)

Power Supply: CORSAIR 650W ENTHUSIAST TX650 V2 ($150)

DVD/RW - Blu Ray: ASUS DVD RW Blu Ray ($65)

Keyboard/Mouse: Cyclosa/Abyssus Razer Combo ($43)

WiFi: Linksys wireless-n card ($55)

Fans: 5 fans ($60)

Monitor: ASUS VE228H FULL HD ($185)


I'll be glad if I can get your opinions on the quality and durability of this build.

Thanks. :)


Most people won't really use a blu ray drive, as blu ray is not that popular yet because it's expensive and everything is going digital download now. The only other advice i could give you is to wait a week or two for haswell because even though you're going for AMD, processor prices may go down and so you might get your 8350 a bit cheaper, or find a good deal on intel and swap to them.

I could get and i5 3570 for the same price, and the mobo would cost about $10 more. I'll keep my eye out for the haswell, prices always go down when new CPUs are released. Thanks.